The Fens of the Sea

waterpicture source

The sea thunders inside my head
Seagulls screech behind my eyes

I stare into the foggy waves and wonder
I wonder…

Water crashes against earth
Salt spray entangles my hair

I listen to the roar of the ocean and wander
I wander…

The brine licks my white fingertips
And catches me fast in a bitter embrace

I feel the weight of the sea above me and I wait
I wait…

Falling beneath and in between
The gentle sands cradle my head

I see the sun shimmering above and I watch
I watch…

Ice and fire captivate my lungs
My vision blurs out the sun

I descend into the fens of the sea and I wallow
I wallow…

And I remain…

© The Eyes of Seraphim 2016

5 thoughts on “The Fens of the Sea

  1. The “ice and fire” line totally set off my radar. Lovely poem as usual! I love the ocean and ocean motifs. I always find a way to either fit it into a story or have it be a major setting. There’s just something about the sea that sets off my sehnsucht.

    1. I decided to go with the phrase “ice and fire” because after my experience of near drowning, the water felt just so, the frigid liquid and salt burned like fire in my lungs. The ocean for me inspires fear and awe, its also sad in a romantic sort of way as well. I’m so happy you liked the poem!

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