About Eyes

Hello everyone and welcome to my tiny corner of the internet universe. Since I started this blog, I will be updating at least every week, with the hope that my brain continues to function at a high capacity. I’ll give you a brief run down on what I’m all about. First off, I like me for me. There are many days when I don’t believe that about myself, but I make an effort to. I am a genuinely interesting person. The reason for this blog is to chronicle most of my past experiences and difficulties in an attempt to relinquish their hold on me. In short, this is my therapy outlet. If not this, then its more of a “lets just keep this between me and myself and hope it goes away”. We all know that never works. So this is me being proactive. Yay!

Okie dokie, the list below examples a couple of the categories readers will see on this blog. I feel as though I should explain some of the more obscure ones such as “unicorn poop”. Some might wonder “what the fuck is that?” This is me laying all those questions of yours to rest. However! If you do have questions, please drop me a comment, I’d love to hear from you.

Burn Book – excerpts from an old black book tracking the darkest days through parts of my life. This is everything that I have worked hard to keep secret from everyone except myself, and maybe the cat.

Depression – the explanation for this is rather obvious, these are posts written during/after the throes of inky black hopelessness or deadpan apathy.

Tales of the Borderline – I am pretty good at managing myself, but there are times when I can’t figure out which way is up or down; falling through the rabbit hole head over heels. I have trouble telling the difference between whats in my head and what is “real” so I write about it down and try to make sense it.

Diary – I found an old leather bound journal that was written by me in college during a very unhealthy relationship. Its incredible (and a bit horrifying) to see the drastic changes in my temperament as the relationship grew progressively worse. Enjoy.

Unicorn Poop – Quirk and whimsy. I definitely have a soft kooky side, however I covet it because I am afraid of being judged, misinterpreted, or worse….copycatted. Its a strange oddness (peeve?) of mine. I treasure my uniqueness, yet in the same breath it can be quite lonely. I should be excited when someone wants to fan-girl with me, but deep down inside I fear that they may “show me up” or somehow prove that I am not worthy of my fandom. This is me proving myself wrong.